Monday, February 20, 2017

Important Announcement

This is just to let all of you know that my blog will be going through some changes over the coming weeks in order to refocus the site's vision. When I first started H&H several years ago, it was my vision to create a site that both informed the body of Christ about up and coming television and big screen productions while also letting the world know about gems in entertainment that are wholesome and God-honoring without filth and content a believer would be ashamed about seeing. Moreover, I have found it difficult to properly keep up and let you all know about productions in the works as I have wanted to. Also, to be frank, I have been disappointed by the lack of productions being made at present that does the genres I love justice. This is not to say they are not out there. But I have decided to shift the focus of this blog to the past and the eras of television I hold dear. In the future, you will see posts delving deeper into discussions about what made television great in years past and why I believe modern productions are not living up to the standard set by the legacy of the past. I will still post occasional news bulletins on the blog regarding major Christian releases in the theaters or minor releases to DVD or such that I believe are making an impact in the industry. Interviews with individuals making a difference in the industry are also coming soon. You can also keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for important wholesome programming information. I hope you all will bear with me as I make this change. I feel confident that this will help better inform our generation and the generation behind us of what great television has been and can be if we never forget the past. God Bless! And thanks as always for supporting H&H.☺