Monday, May 22, 2017

Important Announcement

It is with sadness that I share with you all my plans to bring this blog to an end. I by no means have come to this decision lightly. But many factors have played a part in bringing about this decision. With my yearly site URL renewal coming up, I began thinking about my lack of readership and if I really have the time to pursue this blog further. As much as I'd want to, other endeavors in my life are coming to fruition and growing. Therefore, I don't have the time necessary to make this blog what it truly deserves to be. However, my vision has and will never change. I absolutely love wholesome television and movies from the past! And it is with this passion that I will continue sharing my love for them and telling everyone I can about every series and movie I enjoy wherever I am. Meanwhile, I would be so thrilled if you all who have faithful read and followed Hearth and Home to head over to my personal blog Values and Treasures and subscribe to it. It is not going anywhere. And I plan to merge some of my activities from Hearth and Home to it such as series or movie reviews and such. They will not be regular; but I plan to tell as many folks as I can about whatever gems in entertainment worth watching that I support and enjoy. So thanks for checking Values and Treasures out:

This was not an easy decision to make. Hearth and Home was my very first public endeavor as a teenager to spread the word to folks about quality, family-oriented entertainment that honors God. It has been a passion of mine for years and will continue to be as I pursue the next chapter of this journey. As a writer, I may just go from writing about the shows to writing the shows. You never know. But God does. And I am thankful for this little gem of a blog that started it all for me. Thanks for taking this journey with me! :)

Kimberly G. Bowman